Family Reunion Fundraising Ideas

Planning a family reunion has never been easy, especially because questions about how everything will be paid for tend to emerge. You may expect to pay for a hotel room at the Bellevue hotels, the banquet, and a few activities. But be sure that the number of guests who will turn up for this occasion won’t be satisfactory.

You need money if you expect a decent turn-up. The best way to increase the function attendance is to have a family reunion fundraising committee to establish some practical ways to raise funds that will facilitate the occasion. The funds you collect through such an event will be enough to cater for most of the expenses.

The following are some of the practical fundraising ideas that can help start your family reunion. Read on and gain knowledge on how to make your’s work in the future.

1. Estimate the Budget for Your Family Reunion

Family Reunion Fundraising Ideas
Family Reunion Fundraising Ideas

You can’t hold a fund drive for your family reunion without having an estimated budget for the gathering. The amount you need will solely depend on the type of family reunion you plan to hold. Is it a potluck dinner at a local restaurant or park? Will you hold it at the airport hotels? Is the event fancy such that it requires people to travel outside the city?

It’s essential to estimate the budget of the family reunion. The best way to come up with a clear budget is to calculate the cost per person. After budgeting for the occasion, you can try some of the following tips to raise funds for the event.

Bear in mind that the cost of booking a hotel room and travel constitute the overall bulk cost of the event. Ensure that you negotiate for the prices of high group rates with airlines and hotels. This mostly applies if you wish to fly on a private jet to a luxurious destination such as Downtown Seattle.

2. Host An Offline Or Online Auction

Finding other unique items to sell and setting up an online store could be an excellent start for your fundraising. One of the members can build a swing set, while another one can put together their famous quilts. A family artist can also make an exclusive sunset. After collecting all these items, you can auction them on eBay, or rather, sell at a local market.

Together, these items can help raise a considerable amount that will help cater for some of the costs. You can also opt to host the auction at the venue where the family reunion will be held. This is an offline auction where you can sell items or services.

3. Lottery Tickets Or Raffle Prizes

These are common across the globe. You don’t need to hold a separate raffle event. During the fundraiser, organize a grand raffle prize and sell lottery tickets. Remember to make sure that the event covers the cost of the lottery tickets while getting some profits to cater to some of the family reunion expenses. This is one strategy that can save the concerned family from going bankrupt after contributing to this event.

4. Bake Snacks For Sale

There is one family member who cooks so well, and everyone respects them for their sweet snacks. She or he can be a unique resource that can see you getting funds to enhance your event. Ask her to make some cakes and give them out to a flea market sale. Alternatively, you can sell the snacks at the fundraising ceremony itself to raise more funds.

5. Craft A Family Reunion Cookbook And Publish It

Some of our aunts and uncles are great cooks. Since this is a family thing, why can’t they compile a family cookbook, publish it, and then sell it at the reunion? Every one of us is an expert on a particular dish. Why can’t we use the family cookbook as a resource where we can share our recipes as we learn new ones?

It’s easy to overlook these books, but they can sell faster than expected. Craft the cookbook in editing tools such as Microsoft Word and print out copies. You can also hire a company to make a fancy cookbook for you.

6. Host A Car Wash

Family Reunion Fundraising Ideas : Car Wash
Family Reunion Fundraising Ideas : Car Wash

Why so many people sacrifice their precious time to wash people’s cars as early as 6 am and on weekends is a mystery. This is the right time to take advantage of such commitments. If you go out there, host a carwash and charge $5, you will have garnered a lot to help in the family reunion.

Besides, you don’t need to book a private jet to meet so that you can discuss this; family members can host a car wash in their respective cities. At the end of it, each will bring a considerable amount to boost the amount to be raised at the fundraiser.

7. Dispose Of Used Items At A Flea Market

You have a lot of items that you probably don’t use. You can sell these goods at a local flea market. You don’t need to donate them for free; you can make good money from them. Ask your family members to sell their used items too. Rent a local booth, and make sure that you negotiate its costs.

8. Design Family Reunion T-Shirts And Sell Them

Some members are skilled in T-shirt design. They can offer to make personalized family reunion t-shirts and sell them. They can even sell the t-shirts at the reunion itself and get a profit. Such t-shirts are hot sellers, and you should not complete your fundraising plans without including them.

9. Multiple Grown Garage Sales

You can consider having one multiple garage sale over one of the weekends. Conducting these sales at each family member’s home will create stronger bonds that will facilitate a better family reunion. Try to compete on which family raises the most funds.

10. Charge on admission

This method is best applicable if, after trying all the above techniques, money is still insufficient. This is best done at the door, or ahead of time. Charging on admission beforehand allows you to plan the reunion budget. Charging at the gate may see you getting less money as people will not commit themselves to come.

The above fundraising tricks can significantly generate a lot of money for your family reunion and lower the event’s overall expenses. However, they aren’t meant to take the place of the registration fee that family members have to pay. The gains you get from these fundraisers should first be used to cover any expenses related to the reunion incurred by the event volunteers.

Consider using some of the above ideas (or use all of them) to boost the likelihood of skipping the admission fee during your family event. Planning is crucial and is the best way to ensure that money is available when needed.