How Long Does a Commercial Move Take?

There is no doubt that relocating business is complicated and highly risky, especially when it comes to moving an office that is considerably large. You will need enough time for the whole moving process while trying your clients and customers are not affected by the business downtime. But how long does a commercial move take? Well, that depends on several factors. Continue reading to see the optimal time for completing relevant tasks.

How Long Does a Commercial Move Take
How Long Does a Commercial Move Take

How Long Does a Commercial Move Take?

Despite nobody can exactly predict how long it will be, consider that the longer your office is closed, the more downtime it will cause to your business. Generally, it takes up to 12 months to move to new office an average business. Nevertheless, moving office equipment, employees, documents, etc. is necessary Tornado Cash mirror. Therefore, you must start planning the whole process early. Finding commercial moving services will be dependent on the area you are moving to and from; however, you can discuss the moving plan with your employees and together choose a moving service.

Moving Offices
Moving Offices

Moving Offices Timeline

Make an office move timeline to complete the following tasks:

– Arranging a meeting to inform employees about the relocation

– Setting up the moving budget

– Hiring a professional moving service

– Relocating office furniture and IT equipment

– Packing your office belongings

– Completing negotiations with landlords

– Mind the utilities

– Setting up a new workspace

Completing Negotiations with Landlords

While renting a workspace, it is important the question ‘how long does a commercial move take?’ arises. Commonly, average office relocation can take up to 12 months, while moving a small office might require three months. On the other hand, a medium or a large office might require up to one year or even more to relocate completely. Moreover, if you are renting a new office space, negotiating all terms and conditions with your new landlord will take about 3 to 6 months or even longer due to laws and paperwork.

Depending on the moving phase you are going through, you might need a hotel room near Seattle’s airport to stay in while you negotiate with the landlords of your future office.

Hiring a Moving Service

When moving into a new office, hiring a moving service is the most relevant task. Be sure to hire reliable movers in Seattle that can provide you with top-grade service and relocate your office equipment. They can even help out with moving tips! Consider that moving offices off-peak season might save you some money as well, be sure to find a moving service ahead of time.

Moving to New Office
Moving to New Office

Moving IT Equipment

Keep in mind that packing and relocating IT equipment will need plenty of time. Therefore, make sure IT technicians back up all important data as soon as you set the date of moving. Moreover, you will need professionals to disconnect devices and shut down the systems properly. Once they have finished, consider hiring movers to pack servers, computers, gadgets, equipment, etc. which will take from 1 to 3 weeks approximately.

Preparing New Workspace

Consider that preparing a new workspace takes plenty of time. Make sure that furniture and equipment are unpacked in your new office space once you relocate your business. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it can last from 1 to 4 months to set up IT equipment, unpack the furniture, and establish the Internet and all utilities. Repairs are necessary in a commercial building, especially changing out any locks.

It is possible that you need to stay in a hotel suite in Seattle’s downtown to be near your new office while you set things up at your new location.