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What to Look for When Booking a Hotel

For the average traveler, staying in a hotel is a common occurrence. However, whether traveling frequently or infrequently, people still want to know what to look for when booking a hotel. The simple answer is cleanliness and friendliness are the most important features.

What to Look for When Booking a Hotel

This doesn’t mean that other aspects of a hotel stay aren’t important. To give a broader idea of what to look for in a room in downtown Seattle or in any other area, these are the main things that make a difference between a good and a poor hotel stay.

What To Look for When Booking a Hotel
What To Look for When Booking a Hotel

Clean Rooms

This is one of the most important aspects. After all, anyone who has stayed in a dirty room probably knows that they wanted to leave immediately. From stained bedspreads to mold in the shower, a hotel room that hasn’t been cleaned is a hazard to health. Especially with the risk of bedbugs, travelers are putting clean rooms as one of their top priorities.

Friendly Hotel Staff

This is a feature that may surprise some but most travelers want hotel staff that are friendly and courteous. People truly enjoy being greeted with a smile when they’re in the hotel. This is one of the basic tasks of the desk staff but also can be accomplished by anyone who interacts with residents.

Comfortable Beds

Since the primary reason why people use hotels is to get a good night’s sleep away from home, having a good quality bed makes a difference. This is especially important for airport hotels, since people may be getting off of a long day of traveling and are looking forward to resting. In fact, some people truly enjoy traveling because they stay in hotels that have comfortable beds. In addition to having a comfortable mattress, the pillows provided also make a difference. Some hotels provide multiple pillows of varying hardness or softness which can be enjoyed by travelers.

Convenient Location

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, hotels are enjoyed more when they’re located in a convenient location. This is why so many hotels are located immediately off of highway exits. Usually hotels for the purpose of vacations are located close to amenities such as beaches, parks, or public transportation. This is why most hotels will advertise how close they are to certain desirable attractions or other amenities.

Offers Good Value

Nobody wants to overpay for a hotel room, even if it’s an amazing experience. At the end of the day, the hotel is designed to be a short-term residence. While some people don’t mind splurging for a few extra features, getting a reasonable price makes a difference. In addition, expensive hotels may not always be better than some of the budget hotels available. Smart travelers today try to find the best quality hotel for the best price.

Bottom Line 

For anyone who wants to know what to look for when booking a hotel, one of the best ways to compare choices is to read reviews from other travelers. Most hotels will have trusted reviews that can provide details on these and other features. Read through a variety of reviews and looking for red flags, understanding that there will always be some inaccurate ones provided. However, whether traveling for enjoyment or necessity, these features matter to travelers today.

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